Email Distance Training

If you do not serve ME in the flesh, I give you permission to serve ME via EMAIL training.

I offer different email training for different types of slaves. Each instruction is written by Me, personally, to suit your requirements and interests. I also permit online messenger chats with Me, while you are under My instruction.

I, very much, enjoy distance training as it allows Me the freedom to express My kinky imagination! No matter where you are located, you will feel My control and power and find yourself reduced to a very submissive state indeed!


I hope to achieve an integration of fantasy and fetish in a virtual, online world. Let's face it, with the use of the internet, most of us, live in a world driven by technology and modern means of communication. As you will notice, this site not only offers virtual online services, but also the opportunity to visit Me in person.


Make no mistake, I am very real. I am a world-renowned and professional Dominatrix and after many years of my involvement in professional BDSM services, as an experienced, Senior Mistress, I believe that it is possible to have enjoyable experiences via email exchange.


Email training over the internet allows us the opportunity to enjoy bdsm in a 'virtual online world' ... and over the years, I most certainly have collected quite a following. Some of My devoted followers are located in different parts of the world. Others may never visit Me in person for various, different reasons. In any case, for what ever reason you are here ... I encourage you to be adventurous and try email training with Me.


I shall look forward to the opportunity of training you ...

Mistress Sheridan Taylor ... The Kinky Princess



Payment methods available

Tribute from $45 per instruction email

1 email each week for 4 weeks / $180

2 emails each week for 4 weeks / $360

What interests you?

Ritualistic Slave Training / Obedience and Discipline Training / Humiliation Training / Chastity Training and Orgasm Control / Sissy Slave Training and Feminization / 24/7 Slave Training and Contract Slavery / Servitude & Sex Slave Training / School Boy / Masturbation Control Training / Consensual Blackmail / and many other interests!

Contact Me and I shall respond with more information on training schedules and payment method details.


'Get busy slave' and Email Me directly for more information!


Webcam Sessions are available by appointment only. Please note that I use yahoo or msn messenger for your cam session.