Has Mistress got your attention Sissy Girl?

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You can serve Mistress Sheridan Taylor via Email  Sissy Boot Camp, participate in sissy training and indulge in total enforced feminization. Sissy girls can transform into any type of girl via Mistress Sheridan Taylor's email sissy boot camp where Mistress understands what it means to be trained like a sissy girl, behave like a sissy girl …and to BE A SISSY GIRL!!!


'Team Petticoat' Activity Modules:

Select your Level, Sissy Girl!

1 Training instruction email $40

2 Training Instruction emails sent weekly $80

3 Training Instruction emails sent weekly $120


 Payment Methods Available!

Instructor Sheridan Taylor


  • An introductory email from you, with a brief description of your interests prior to commencement.

  • All Sissy Recruits will be issued with safe word for all online training activities.


Special Terms & Conditions:

  • All activities shall be conducted via the 'Sissy' Email and Online Facility

  • Sissy Recruits will follow instructions honestly  and to their best ability

  • Sissy Recruits may be asked to produce photographic evidence or penalty punishment may apply

  • Sissy Recruits caught with their pants down will be dealt with in accordance with the penalty discipline code